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New Tactics in Human Rights, part of the Centre for Victims of Torture. They have offices in USA, Belgium and Turkey.

URL : http://www.newtactics.org/ > Tools for Action

Description of tools-oriented content : The Tactical Notebooks are people’s descriptions of the process of forcing the recognition of human rights: how the tactic was implemented, and problems in its use. There are examples from engaging government officials in Russia to promoting professionalism in the Liberian Police Force. Find a Tactic gives the option of browsing or a keyword search. Browsing leads to a list of all case-studies, given by headline, tactic, organisation and region of the world. Examples are numerous and include an independent commission to fight corruption in Asia, and pairing police with refugees and migrants to improve understanding and decrease discrimination in Europe. The New Tactics Workbook outlines how and why various tactics work, and gives examples of their use: prevention tactics; intervention tactics; restorative tactics; building HR cultures and institutions; and resources, including an index of tactics.

Type of tools : Descriptions

Availability of tools : Available as downloadable pdf documents.

Pact, a networked global organisation that aims to build local capacity to meet pressing social needs.

URL : http://www.pactworld.org > Learning Resources

Description of tools-oriented content : Pact’s tools include Advocacy Handbook: a practical guide to increasing democracy in Cambodia; Media Guide: a handbook for Tanzanian civil society; Legislative Road Map: a guide for civil society organisations in Tanzania; and Survival is the First Freedom: applying democracy and governance approaches to HIV/AIDS work. Pact has six programme areas: democracy, governance and civil society strengthening; HIV/AIDS; improving livelihoods; peace building; CBNRM; and equity and empowerment. In each of these programme areas can be found a section on Tools and Products, although these are not downloadable.

Type of tools : Recipe

Availability of tools : Available as downloadable pdf documents. At the bottom of each Programme Area page Contact Information is given.

The Public Affairs Centre , a non-profit organisation aiming to improve governance in India.

URL : http://www.pacindia.org/ > Report Cards

Description of tools-oriented content : Report Cards are an aggregate of public ratings of the quality of public services, based on scientific random sample surveys of users. The specific aspects addressed in the survey include availability of service, usage, satisfaction, service standards, major problems with service, effectiveness of grievance redress systems, and corruption. The Report Card model has also been applied to health care services in public hospitals, service delivery of education in government schools, impact of information technology, and irrigation systems. Report Cards can be used to create a consensus on the diagnosis of problems and core reforms needed.

Type of tools : Description

Availability of tools : The Report Cards are only described, not available for perusal.

Reflect , which is an approach to adult learning and social change.

URL : http://www.reflect-action.org/ > Reflect resources

Description of tools-oriented content : The Reflect Mother Manual outlines the Reflect philosophy: it fuses the ideas of Paulo Freire with PRA, to produce a local adult literacy facilitator’s manual. Literacy circles develop their own materials such as maps, calendars, matrices and diagrams, representing a detailed analysis of their community. The Manual outlines background research necessary; developing a local facilitator’s manual; producing visual cards; selecting and training trainers; M and E; using participants’ materials for planning; and offers sample units. Adapting the Manual for different contexts is included: urban areas; fishing communities; pastoralist communities; refugees; and children. Communication and Power puts together inputs from all over the world, on: Reflect in action; getting started; written word; spoken word; numbers; and images. Each of these are further sub-divided, offering a plethora of material. There is also a section on Evaluations of Reflect, offering evaluation reports and insights. This website is available in English and Spanish.

Type of tools : Recipes

Availability of tools : Available as downloadable pdf documents.

** Practical resources

Regional Community Forest Training Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RECOFTC)

URL : http://www.recoftc.org > Resource Centre

Description of tools-oriented content : Community-Based Tourism for Conservation and Development is a manual for trainers, to apply the skills and concepts of the Appreciative Participatory Planning and Action Approach (APPA) to community-based tourism. It includes handouts, case studies and readings in an experiential learning setting. The Art of Building Facilitation Capacities assists in identification, analysis and solving of problems, and decision-making processes. A training video and self-learning CD accompanies the manual. Also in the Resource Centre is a section on Funding Opportunities. Under Regional Services> Training Courses can be found the Training and Workshop Report Series, which are aimed at sharing processes and lessons from workshops, so that other practitioners can apply them to their contexts. They include participatory methods, criteria and indicators, forest management, support networks, skills in analysis and writing.

Type of tools : Recipes

Availability of tools : The manuals are available for sale, but the Report Series is available as downloadable pdf documents.

** Practical resources

Resources Centre for Participatory Learning and Action (RCPLA), a network of organisations that shares information about Participatory Learning and Action (PLA), and participation in governance.

URL : http://www.rcpla.org/ > Publications

Description of tools-oriented content : Participatory Learning and Action: a trainer’s guide covers adult learning; facilitation skills; group dynamics; participatory learning and action; training, in workshops and the field; organising workshops, including post-training evaluation; and details of 101 interactive training games and exercises. The Nepal Participatory Action Network’s Participatory Development Magazines are published in Nepali, with an annual English version, and are a forum for debate. Participatory Workshops: a source book of 21 ideas and activities covers topics such as getting started; seating arrangements; forming groups; managing large numbers; helping each other learn; analysis and feedback; dealing with dominators; evaluation and ending; and common mistakes.

Type of tools : Recipes

Availability of tools : Available for sale: you will be directed to the appropriate website.

Save the Children Alliance

URL : http://www.savethechildren.org.uk/resources/online-library/so-you-want-consult-children-toolkit-good-practice > Resources > Publications > General publications

Description of tools-oriented content : So You Want to Consult With Children? A toolkit of good practice is about how to involve children in discussions about what adults ought to do to make their lives better. It covers issues such as whether you really need to consult with children; getting started; how to prepare and plan for meetings with children; the role of adults in offering an enabling environment; and further resources.

Type of tools : Recipe

Availability of tools : Available as downloadable pdf document.

Sida, Swedish International Development Agency

URL : http://www.sida.se/PageFiles/3736/SIDA3753en_Looking_back.pdf > Evaluations > Evaluation Manual

Description of tools-oriented content : Looking Back, Moving Forward is the Sida Evaluation Manual. Part One covers concepts and issues, and has very useful boxes that cover various evaluation ideas, for example, levels of monitoring, and what is a base-line study? Part Two is the evaluation process step by step, and for each step there is a short checklist of things to remember.

Type of tools : Descriptions and recipes

Availability of tools : Available as downloadable pdf document.

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